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LIASYS 330 Clinical Chemistry System 

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ProductDocument TypePart Number
LIASYS Series Calibrators and Controls
Chemistry Control - Level 1Package Insert60119
Chemistry Control - Level 2Package Insert60120
Chemistry CalibratorPackage Insert60121
Lipid Control - Level 1Package Insert60122
Lipid Control - Level 2Package Insert60123
Lipid CalibratorPackage Insert60124
LIASYS 330 Clinical Chemistry System Assays
Albumin ReagentPackage Insert80125
Alkaline Phosphatase ReagentPackage Insert80126
ALT ReagentPackage Insert80127
Amylase ReagentPackage Insert80128
AST ReagentPackage Insert80129
Carbon Dioxide ReagentPackage Insert80130
Direct Bilirubin ReagentPackage Insert80131
Total Bilirubin ReagentPackage Insert80132
Calcium ReagentPackage Insert80133
Cholesterol ReagentPackage Insert80134
Creatine Kinase ReagentPackage Insert80135
Creatinine ReagentPackage Insert80136
GGT ReagentPackage Insert80137
Glucose ReagentPackage Insert80138
HDL ReagentPackage Insert80139
Iron ReagentPackage Insert80140
Phosphorus ReagentPackage Insert80141
LDH ReagentPackage Insert80142
Magnesium ReagentPackage Insert80143
Total Protein ReagentPackage Insert80144
Triglycerides ReagentPackage Insert80145
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) ReagentPackage Insert80146
Uric Acid ReagentPackage Insert80147
LDL ReagentPackage Insert80148
LIASYS 330 Clinical Chemistry System Specialty Assays
hs-CRP (WR) ReagentPackage Insert90149
Hb A1c Assay w Controls/Calibrators Package Insert90150
Fructosamine Assay w Controls/CalibratorsPackage Insert90151
Ferritin Assay w Controls/CalibratorsPackage Insert90152
LP(a) Assay w Controls/CalibratorsPackage Insert90153

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